Mattia Valentini


Mattia Valentini was born in Urbino where he also got his high school diploma in Animation Cinema.

After attending, for a short period of time, a training course on Animation Film Techniques at the “Scuola del Libro” of Urbino he moved to Rome where he attended the courses on Drawing and “Comic Strip Techniques” at the “Scuola Romana del Fumetto” (SRF, Roman School of Comic Strips).

During the years he spent in Rome he studied the techniques and language of comics, anatomy in life drawing, script writing, storyboard in cinema, painting techniques, the publishing market and communication through images.

Within his study sessions he also completed his first professional collaboration by assisting comic author Lorenzo De Felici in his work on the first issue of Drakka published in France by Ankama and in Italy by ReNoir. Within his study sessions he also completed his first professional collaboration by assisting comic author Lorenzo De Felici in his work on the first issue of Drakka published in France by Ankama and in Italy by ReNoir. 

In 2011 he won first prize in the RomaNoir competition organized by the University of Rome La Sapienza, by writing and drawing a short comic story in the style that takes its name from the competition.

He got a scholarship and he attended a year at the International School of Comics in Rome in the Comics Techniques course.

Thanks to this prestigious bursary, he got an additional scholarship for the professional Digital Painting Course within the SRF in Rome that he attended and that changed his professional path forever.

In 2013 he returned to live in the Montefeltro area, presenting his first works and completing his first private assignments.

In collaboration with the classes of the Art School of Urbino, he created the cover for the comic “January 23, 1944” designed by the students of the 5th year of the Animation Cinema course.

Since 2014 he has been working as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director for individual clients as well as companies, both in Italy and abroad, taking care of the customer’s image at 360°, from Social Media to Merchandising, from the company logo to the promotional image as well as visual message on web communications.

(Mule Resophonic Guitar, by Matt Eich – Michigan,USA).

In 2014 he was selected in the comic competition “Project Contest” organized by LuccaComics&Games with the editorial project for the production of the Graphic Novel “Smoke Rose Blues” whom he wrote and designed.

With the proposal selected at LuccaComics&Games, he was contacted by the publisher Nicola Pesce with whom he signed his first publishing contract, starting work on what will become “Seven Roots Blues”, published in 2018 by NPE Edizioni.

Since 2017 he has been one of the creative crew member at “W-Lab” of Davide Vichi, accomplishing musical videoclips, storyboards, graphics, covers, posters and other projects working with professionals of various kinds.

Since 2018 he has been working as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Cartoonist within the racing world of MotoGP for many teams; he has been taking part to GPs as a portraitist in hospitalities and in the pits during racing weekends.

(VR46 of Valentino Rossi, Honda LCR of Lucio Cecchinello, Team Dynavolt, Team SIC58).

In 2018 he started his collaboration with Florentine screenwriter Marco Bruno.

Together they carried out the project for the presentation of a comic strip starring the historical character of Lorenzo De’ Medici. The comic narrates of the Magnificent De’ Medici struggling in the famous “Conspiracy of the Crazy ones” set in the picturesque and colourful setting of Renaissance Italy.

The comic adapts perfectly to the editorial line of Kleiner Flug who approved it with the revision of storyboard and script by the Florence Publisher.

Its publication is scheduled for Fall 2021 and will be distributed in all comic shops and in all the best Italian bookstores. The comic will have its preview at the Kleiner Flug stand during LuccaComics&Games in 2021.

In 2019 he was guest of honour at Rome’s Comicon, Romics, and competed as author in the competition for young comic authors.

He won the “New Talents” award, getting the second commendation with his debut work “Seven Roots Blues” published by NPE Edizioni.

This prize was assigned during the gala ceremony at the Romics and presented during the event dedicated to author’s comics at the famous “Salone del Libro di Torino” (Turin Book Fair), literature’s most important appointment in Italy.

In 2019 he also realized the graphic project “Lanista’s Riders” for the VR46 Riders academy of Tavullia.

He designed a personal graphic set for VR46 merchandising called “Celebrity T-Shirt” dedicated to every rider of the Academy and to its founder Valentino Rossi, protagonist of the main illustration and client of the project.

The project was presented during the Barcelona GP and sold online on VR46’s portal in a special limited edition. During the Milan EICMA 2019, thanks to the idea of VR46 Art Director, they produced a limited series of titanium prints of the illustrations dedicated to the Academy, to narrate and to celebrate the success of this collaboration with VR46.

In 2020 he created the comic strip “A book like me” for the campaign on raising awareness on reading “If you read, you colour your life”, written by high school students who won the competition prize by developing a script.

This campaign was born from an initiative of 30th November 2018 promoted by Tuscany Region for the Regional Pact for Reading and promoted by LuccaComics&Games and the “Salone del Libro di Torino” (Turin Book Fair).

Mattia has been playing blues since he was a child and he takes music into all of his drawing projects.